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Understand 5 levels of Estate Planning

There are five levels of estate planning, our audit will guide you through each question, and give you a score in each of the five levels.  When you’re finished, you’ll have a comprehensive view of what you really need, and what you don’t need inside an estate plan for your family.

Medical Incapacity

Allowing an agent to make health care decisions on your behalf.

Financial Incapacity

Allowing an agent to make financial deicsions on your behalf.

Personal Protection

Personal asset protection options, like LLC’s, FLP’s, DAPT’s and more.

Beneficiary Protection

Special needs trusts, to legacy options.

Tax Planning

Estate Tax, Income Tax and Capital Gains Evaluation.

Signature Process

Our three-tiered estate planning process is designed to ensure your family never spends a day in court.  

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Why should you take our free audit?

  • Are you wondering if you need a will or a trust?
  • Not sure if you even need an estate plan?
  • Trying to find information relevant to your family’s needs?

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Satisfied Clients

Creating a Trust is something that most people overlook. Finding the right attorney sometimes can be a challange. As an attorney, Erik Hartstrom is very knowledable and equally as patient. My wife and I were able to get all of our questions answered during our sessions when the draft for the Trust was being created. Erik even provided a payment plan, without interest that made it very affordable.

Fred – Elk Grove

I attended an Estate Trust dinner class put on by Erik Hartstrom and he explained how trusts work in simple and easy to understand terms. 
I followed up with him and created a new trust that I had for twenty years into a more simple format. He takes the time to fully explain how to prevent go to probate and making your assets manageable for your heirs. This process provides peace of mind.

Garrett – Sacramento

Erik Hartstrom was very thorough in explaining the meaning of and need for the various documentation provided in the trust. He always answered my questions in an understandable manner. He was polite and professional. I would definitely recommend Erik as a competent trust lawyer.

Sherry – Sacramento

Erik Hartstrom’s expertise in trusts made me feel safe that all my wishes as to what would happen to my grandchildren when I pass would be followed. I have legal guardianship and I was concerned about their physical and financial well being if I pass while they are still minors. Eric helped me put a trust together that allows me to feel safe. And you can’t ask for more than that.

Elizabeth – Roseville

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