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1. They’re going to live forever

Not that people expect a medical miracle, but it is often very difficult to consider the world without ourselves in it. Often, when people having to handle someone else’s estate they see the consequences of not having a plan, and immediately go prepare an estate plan.

2. If they’re lucky, it will all work out

Some people expect that their estate will go the way they want, because, well, that is the way they want it! They don’t realize the state has very specific rules about the distribution of estates, and their heirs may find themselves facing expensive probate fees and sometimes tax burdens if they try to carry out the wishes of the decedent. And sometimes what people expect to happen is very different from reality, which leads us to our third reason.

3. They lack of information

Let’s face it; the rules surrounding estate planning are incredibly complex, and there is a lot of bad information out there to add to the general confusion. If you knew that you could save your heirs over $14,000, distribute your estate exactly the way you want, and make sure your estate was not tied up in court for months or even years, you would do that, right?