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Steps to Create Your Estate Plan

Design Meeting

Together, we will discover your goals and desires for your family.  Then we will workthrough the details of the proposed plan to create a customized estate plan strategy that meets your goals and objectives while addressing your concerns and anxieties.

Review Meeting

We review the documents to ensure that you understand your estate plan and that it meets your goals and objectives.

Delivery Meeting

At this point, you will sign the legal documents to implement your estate plan!

Lifetime Service Plan

For members of our Estate Plan Pros family, among other benefits, we review their estate plan every three years in light of any changes in their family, finances, the law, or new planning strategies to help ensure their plan continues to carry out its original intent.

We Solve Family Problems...

Mike and Sarah have two young children, have recently bought their first home and have a life insurance policy.  We helped them avoid probate, and set their children up for future success by ensuring that if something happened to both of them, their children’s guardian would be able to manage the money for the children’s benefit.  And we made sure that the children wouldn’t be in charge of the money until they were mature.

James is a growing young man, but with Down Syndrome he faces additional life challenges.  His parents thought they might have to disinherit him so as to preserve his eligibility for the programs he depends upon.  They were delighted to find out about the benefits of a Special Needs Trust.  They are not only leaving an inheritance that includes James, but are also creating a team for James’ future success.

With children from both of their previous marriages, Linda and John weren’t sure what to do.  They were able to easily create a plan that ensured the surviving spouses future comfort, and ensure that “their” property went to their own children.

We Solve Court Problems...

Rob and Janet are a hardworking couple with successful adult children.  They own their home, but don’t consider themselves “wealthy” by any stretch.  They were shocked to discover how expensive and slow the probate process is, and how the public probate process exposed their children to unscrupulous individuals.  We helped them create a simple plan that avoided probate and put their children in charge.

Trusts can do more than avoid probate – they can be built to dramatically increase the level of protection for your children against creditors, lawsuits, and divorcing spouses.

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