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Living Trust

Trusts are powerful planning tools that enable you to avoid probate, plan long term for your family’s future success, and possibly save on estate taxes, or even qualify you or your spouse for Medi-Cal or VA benefits.

There are many different types of trusts, and even inside a “basic” revocable living trust there are many differences.  Differences that may not be apparent to you when you look at a trust, but that become glaringly apparent for your surviving spouse or children.

One of the first questions clients often ask me is, what is the difference between a will and a trust,
An estate plan gives you lots of opportunities to define when and how your beneficiaries can use their inheritance.  Inheritance
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One of the questions I get all the time is, should I put _________ (name an asset) into my trust? 
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Not all living trusts are the same.  And I’m not talking about quality either, though that is a major factor
If you have the wrong kind of trust, naming it as the beneficiary of your retirement account could cost your
It's 2006, Michael Jackson and his partners are meeting in a hotel.  Jackson promises his partners shares in his company
ABLE accounts are an exciting new opportunity for disabled individuals to increase their financial well-being and stability.
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Ever wonder why you get to hear about all the details around a star’s estate, like Prince?  It can be
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